Meet the team

We are a team and are here to provide you with the best service we can.

Auckland Lock Services Ltd has a continuous program of training and upskilling staff. With technology changing at a rapid pace it is important to ensure all staff are up to the task. This is the advantage over a locksmith working on his own. We have the ability to draw in each others experience and differing areas of expertise. We also have suppliers willing to provide us with specific product training at our premises because of the volume we purchase meaning we have extensive product knowledge and familiarisation.
We support and play an active role in the New Zealand apprenticeship scheme which is run by Competenz.
All staff are encouraged and coached to sit their "Master Locksmiths" examination which requires a high level of skill and understanding and is carried out by the "Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia"
As health and safety is a big part of our philosophy all staff are "Site Safe" trained and certified. The company has been certified WSMP compliant to secondary level and with an in house toolbox meeting held every month you can be assured we will bring a safe ideology to your premises.
It is often commented on that the company offers a family like environment. This along with many other factors can be attributed to the longevity of service by many of our staff.

Introducing the team

Bryce 166x96 250815   Deb 166x96 1114   Kurt166x96
Bryce Frewin
Founded Auckland Lock Services Ltd in 1996 and has been in the industry starting as an apprentice in 1985.
He is the head Master Locksmiths certification holder for the company.
Bryce's speciality is masterkeying and commercial locking systems.
Debra Clarke
Is the manager and the backbone of the company. She ensures efficiency in our operation and is very good at it. Debra has been with the company full time since 1999 and part time before.

    Kurt Bryhn
Customer service and support.
Kurt backs up everybody.
A very experienced locksmith who was with us at the start of the company in 1996. Kurt left to run his own business and has returned to us bringing an increased wealth of knowledge.
BadenM166x96   Jay 166x96 1114   Vaughan 166x96
Baden May
Joined our company starting in 2011 but has been in the locksmithing industry since 1988.
Manages our Dominion Rd workshop.
  Jay Bonnici
Master Locksmith certified.
Jay is back, upskilled and ready to attend to your electronic needs. Alarms, CCTV and more.
One of the few locksmiths to pass the ProMaster masterkeying examination with 100%.
  Vaughan Sheldon
One of our apprentices from a few years back. Left to spread his wings and is now back. More experienced and ready to go.
Hamish Gouldstone 166 x 96 2017   Neale 166 x 96   Cory 166x96
Hamish Gouldstone
Locksmith started in 2011.
Apprenticeship completed and now at your service.
  Neale Bates
Locks, Alarms, Access Control, CCTV.
Bring it on.
  Cory Jensen
Well through his apprenticeship.
Lee Newman 166x96   Brad Raill 166x96 150218    
Lee Newman
Manager of our New Lynn shop. Many years experience with keys.
  Brad Raill
Our newest apprentice and learning fast..


Key and Lock Shops:
601 Dominion Rd, Balmoral. 09 6317680.
3104 Great North Rd, New Lynn 09 8275425
Safe shop:
599 Dominion Rd, Balmoral, 09 6317680