Auckland Lock Services Ltd can help you with your Automotive lock and key requirements.

  • Duplicate keys
  • Transponder/Immobiliser keys
  • Lost keys
  • Remote controls
  • Replacement locks
  • Lock repairs and servicing
  • Complete lock changes
  • Insurance work
  • Lock rekeys
  • Undercover workshop

We have the latest in technology and can provide services for most vehicles and keys.

Most modern vehicles have transponder/immobiliser keys. If you only have one key left make sure you have a duplicate made before you lose it. Yes they cost more than a normal key but mean that your car is not easy to steal without a key. If you lose your only key it can be quite an expense to have them replaced. 

Obtain a spare key today and save yourself the expense and hassle! Contact us and we will tell you what it will cost.

Does you car have a different key for the door and the ignition? This was the norm on some older cars but very unusual today.
For some reason one of the locks was replaced and the new lock was not rekeyed to suit the original key. We can make this right for you.
If you are replacing a lock due to wear or damage. Contact us first as we may have a cost effective solution. Remember cars are normally at an automotive dismantler for a reason and second hand locks are not always the most economical choice.

Either call in or phone us to discuss your automotive requirements.


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