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  • Restricted security masterkey systems.
  • High security key systems
  • Door closers
  • Digital access locks
  • Door/latch guards
  • Security/safety mirrors

From a basic lock installation to a large masterkey system, from a simple lock repair or change to a large scale installation or upgrade to regular maintenance.

With clients including government departments, property managers, schools and universities, large multi-nationals, clubs and small businesses, who put there faith in our services.  

 You can count on us!

When there is a problem you want a company that is reliable and will be there 24 hours a day and care about what you need.

You want value for money.

Auckland Lock Services is your first choice!

We specialise in restricted security masterkey systems and commercial hardware. Door closers, digital locks and exit devices.

Masterkey systems

A good effective design is essential and should be configured to keep unauthorised persons out and not inhibit those authorised to enter certain areas.

If a restricted profile is chosen then you now have total control of the duplication of keys. Keys will only be cut upon receipt of written authorisation from nominated persons whose signatures are held on file.

The next step is to efficiently manage your keys. Who you issued them to, when they should be returned, and exactly where they fit.

ProMaster Key Manager is a PC based key management system. This software enables Auckland Lock Services to export to you your "Door "and "Key" information. All you have to do is enter the details of key holders. Its very simple.

Call us now to discuss your security needs. The consultation is free and without obligation.


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