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Auckland Lock Services Ltd have a full range of locks suitable for your home.

  • Free survey and quotes
  • Free keying alike on all locks purchased from us
  • Competitive pricing and bulk discounts
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Free Survey and quote

We will call to your place to provide a survey and quote to secure you, your family and posessions. This is without obligation and free of charge and will mostly be carried out by the locksmith who will do the install.

Big box hardware stores v's Auckland Lock

Why purchase locks from us and not the big box hardware stores? Well apart from the loss leaders they advertise the price of other products is often the same if not dearer than our prices. In addition to price we can offer expert advice so you get what you need and if the locks are purchased from us will be keyed alike (one key will fit all) at no additional charge. Everything you purchase from us is backed up by us and our fleet of mobile locksmiths.

Good home security is largely governed by your attitude

You can take action to ensure your home is difficult to break into by fitting locks (and also alarms and security lighting if appropriate) and you can discourage the casual thief. Cause the thief delay and more often than not he will go away. It is a fact that most burglars are not highly skilled professionals. They are amateurs looking for easy opportunities; an empty poorly secured home, an unlocked window, a door without a proper security lock.
A positive attitude towards home security means taking action to defend your home by fitting quality locks and ensuring members of your household use them.
Burglars don't like locked windows - remember, nearly 66% of burglaries are through windows. It makes sense to fit window locks, there are window locks for most types of windows, fit them to all accessible windows - Breaking glass makes noise and attracts attention. If the windows are deadlocked, the burglar will almost certainly be unable to open them even after breaking the glass and will have to climb past jagged pieces of broken glass to get in. To spread the cost, fit locks to the most vulnerable windows first and then progressively fit locks to all other accessible windows, remember, louver windows are easy for burglars, make sure you glue (use an epoxy resin) all the glass slats in or consider security bars.
Burglars don't like double deadlocked doors, that is doors fitted with security locks that can be locked on the inside and outside of the door. This prevents the burglar breaking a glass pane and reaching inside to open the door (as can be done with most existing locks fitted as standard). It also prevents the door being opened from the inside to allow the removal of your larger household possessions- A five lever mortice lock or a double cylinder deadbolt provides excellent security for standard doors. For thinner doors (below 38mm approximately), fit a surface mounted deadlatch with a cylinder that can be deadlocked.


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