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  • Large showroom
  • Fire protection cabinets for paper and data
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We have a large showroom of safes which you can see and touch. Try items of similar size to what you are wanting to protect to make sure you get the right size. Purchasing from a brochure is always possible but there is nothing like touching and feeling it to make sure it is right for you.

As many safes are heavy we offer a professional delivery and installation service.

Safes come in many designs, all with different uses in mind.

• High security. Cash, Bankers safe.
• Medium security. Cash, Larger retail.
• Low security. Cash in lower volumes, Documents
• Record protection. Protecting paper and the like from fire and humidity. -Data protection. Protecting computer media from fire and humidity.
Security safe
A Security safe will offer an effective barrier against attack. The higher the rating the more time it will take to breach the safe. By nature it will also offer some protection from fire for paper. Some are rated for this.
Fire safe/cabinet
A fire safe usually offers minimal security; being made of less metal which conducts heat. It will protect paper by keeping the internal temperature below 177 degrees C.but will not protect computer media, which can be damaged at about 52 degrees C. or less.
Data safe
Data safes needing to keep temperature and humidity below 52 degrees C. have a different technology incorporated and can, depending on size be rather more expensive in comparison to a fire safe.

A security specialist should be the only place to purchase a safe. They will ask what your needs are. Whether or not you have an electronic security system and whether or not it is monitored. All very important
You don't want to spend more than you need, and you certainly don't want to under spend. In both cases you are wasting money.
If you do decide to purchase a safe from a discount retailer or online then be sure that the safe really does what you expect. Remember, anything that locks is burglar resistant and cheap safes usually offer minimal security.
Can the safe be bolted down? If it doesn't have a bolt down facility then it is more likely a fire safe only. They are usually light enough for 1-2 people to carry- Not very safe really.
Second hand safes can be worth looking at but there are a few precautions that you should lake before making the investment
Will the safe do what you need?
Is the locking system and mechanism in good working order? A fault can cause an expensive lockout.
How old is the fire safe? Many fire resistant fillings lose their effectiveness after time. Another waste of money.
If securing valuable items, make sure your insurance company is consulted and approves your safe. After all they have the final say.

We are trained experts and can supply new and second safes to meet your needs.
Take advantage of free advisory service if you are purchasing a safe else where.

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Whilst this has most of the safes we have available it is possible you will not find what you need. Contact us with your queries or specific needs.


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